• Spring Sports and Mouthguards for Youth

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    Youth sports boast a whopping 25 million participants each year.  Every year, boys and girls of all ages take to the fields or courts to gain lifelong skills such as teamwork, dedication, and health and wellness.  One skill that often gets overlooked, however, is protecting their smile.  This year, encourage a mouthguard as part of your child’s uniform.  Talk with our dentist Yarmouth families trust for their oral health needs and family dentistry services.  We can set you on the right path towards healthy smiles and make sure you and your children keep their great smile.

    Add a mouthguard to your equipment list

    When your son or daughter starts off their spring sport this year, add a mouthguard to their everyday equipment.  Many injuries don’t just happen during game day; they occur in practice.  Mouthguards protect teeth and greatly reduce the chances of a bruised nerve or damaged root.  They lessen the impact of an elbow to the face and keep teeth protected so they don’t chip or crack.  Talk with our Yarmouth dentist about your options and store-bought mouthguards.  We’ll help you make a well-informed decision for your child.

    What sports require a mouthguard?

    Unfortunately, not all sports leagues require mouthguards.  The best rule of thumb is to know that any contact sport should have it on their equipment and safety list.  If your child plays football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, or lacrosse, etc; then a mouthguard is a must.  Sports like tennis, track, skateboarding and biking also benefit from mouthguards.  If your child clenches their teeth while participating in sports or if there is a risk for impact, suggest a mouthguard.  The jaw stays cushioned and protected with a mouthguard and teeth won’t be damaged.

    Stay Protected

    Keep your child’s smile protected this spring.  Schedule an appointment to get a custom mouthguard for your child or talk with our Yarmouth dentist about other options.  Mouthguards reduce the potential for fractured jaws and soft tissue injuries.  Make oral health a priority with sports and your children will greatly benefit.

    If you have concerns about the impact that sports can have on your child’s smile, give us a call or check us out on Facebook.  We’ll help you find a mouthguard perfect for your child’s oral health needs.  Make sure their smile is protected so they can enjoy their spring activities.