• Oral Cancer Awareness Month

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    With April coming to an end, our Cumberland dentist wants to take an opportunity to share some thoughts about oral cancer and why oral cancer screenings are important to your health.  This month has been marked as Oral Cancer Awareness Month, a time where dental professionals take a little extra time in stressing the importance of a proper dental exam so you can avoid oral cancer.  As the dentist Cumberland residents see for their family dentistry needs, we have the tools and experience to keep your mouth healthy as well as your smile looking great.

    Bad Habits and Oral Cancer

    While it is true that there are some at higher risk for oral cancer, the overall threat is always there.  People that drink heavily, smoke or use tobacco products or those that have an unhealthy diet are at a higher risk for developing oral cancer.  However, it can also affect those of you who lead a healthier lifestyle.  There is no way to prevent oral cancer so early detection is a must.  Our Cumberland dentist recommends regular dental exams not only to keep your smile healthy, but to ensure oral cancer is detected as early as possible.  Only then, do you have the best chance in stopping the cancer in its tracks.

    What is an oral cancer screening?

    We screen your mouth, neck, throat, tongue, and gums for oral cancer at every dental examination.  We look for discolored tissue, lumps, swelling, and unexplained bleeding in your oral cavity.  Each time we perform an oral cancer screening, we are monitoring your health for any changes.  At regular 6-month intervals, we can stay in tune with your health and catch any surprises or changes.  This part of our exam consumes less than five minutes of your time.  Yet, those few minutes can be life-saving.

    Keep a healthy mouth

    If you brush and floss as recommended, schedule your bi-yearly dental exams, and refrain from smoking and drinking, you can decrease your odds of developing oral cancer.  Additionally, a nutritious diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables also helps your mouth remain healthy.  Talk with us at your next appointment about additional ways to keep oral cancer out of your life.   We practice advanced detection methods at our oral cancer screenings so that you can avoid potential issues with your oral health.

    Learn more about our services and preventative dentistry procedures on Facebook.  Our goal this month, as with every month, is to keep you informed and educated on topics surrounding your oral health.  Together we can keep you and your smile in great condition.