• These Thanksgiving Leftovers Are Great For Your Smile

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    Happy Thanksgiving from your Cumberland dentist team! Whether you have a family brunch or a Friendsgiving party, there are likely to be leftovers for days. We’re excited for you, not just to eat to your heart’s desire, but to benefit from the nutrients in these Thanksgiving dishes provide. When eaten in moderation, rather than the heaping portions typical for this feast, these Thanksgiving leftovers are great for your smile and your body:


    Cranberries provide Vitamin C, manganese and fiber. There may be plenty of added sugar (which you can replace with other cut fruits like oranges or apples), but this is nature’s candy. Vitamin C is your immune system’s best ally. It repairs soft tissue, like the roof of your mouth and your gums, Fiber is also great for flushing out toxins through proper digestion, while manganese supports strong teeth and bones.

    Green Beans

    Who would have guessed that green beans are a fruit? Regardless, these “veggies” are full of Vitamins and minerals that are great for your oral and overall health. Vitamin A, C, K, B-complex, manganese, and potassium are all provided in these veggies, so if you can secure a Tupperware to take home, we highly encourage it! Vitamin A helps you create the saliva that you need for healthy digestion. Saliva helps remove the food particles from your mouth and move them through your body with ease. B-complex vitamins offer a great energy and mood boost, without the acid in coffee that would discolor or erode your teeth and gut.

    Candied Yams

    Sweet potatoes often make an appearance at the Thanksgiving table, smothered in molten marshmallow to taste like candy. Sweet potatoes and yams can taste like candy without the added sugar. If you’re able to take some for the days following your Thanksgiving celebration, you’ll greatly benefit from the Vitamin A that sweet potatoes provide. Saliva production is not only great for your digestion but helps prevent periodontal disease.


    We bet that there will be plenty of turkey for all of the guests to take home, after indulging in an abnormally large serving size at the dinner table. The food coma that comes after turkey won’t hit you as hard when consumed in moderation, but will rather boost your mood and keep you feeling fuller for longer. The tryptophan turns into Vitamin B6, serotonin, melatonin when it’s absorbed. The protein is also a leaner source of protein than many fatty protein options.

    Whatever you choose to indulge in this Thanksgiving, the gratitude that you have for your food and the loved ones that you share it with set the stage for a happier and greater you! A happy person is more likely to smile. Thanksgiving is a great excuse to share your smile with those around you. Knowing that Thanksgiving leftovers are great for your smile probably helps! 

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