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  • Celebrate Smiles and Children’s Dental Health

    February has been deemed National Children’s Dental Month by the American Dental Association.  It is a time to celebrate smiles and to promote good oral hygiene habits with our families.  As the dentist Yarmouth families trust with their oral health, family dentistry needs, and smiles, we [...]

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    Avoiding Germs with a Smile

    The last thing any parent wants to deal with in the middle of winter is cold and flu season.  Getting knocked down by a virus throws a big wrench in any plans.  Getting sick slows down momentum and goals making it difficult to uphold New Year’s resolutions or even a clean house, for that [...]

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    Do you Understand your Dental Insurance?

    Understanding what procedures are covered under your dental insurance can be frustrating at times.  Luckily, our Yarmouth dentist staff can help you uncover what you need to know to get the most out of your health benefits.  Many locals prefer the dentist Yarmouth and Cumberland residents [...]

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    Want a Healthier Smile?  Quit Smoking!

    National Smoke-out Day fell on November 15th this year.  So what did that mean for you if you were a smoker?  To many, it won’t mean enough.  To others ready to quit smoking, it was a great time to take the steps toward quitting the habit forever.   As a dentist Yarmouth patients turn to for [...]

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    Healthy Teeth and Halloween!

    Happy Halloween from our Yarmouth dentist family to yours!  Many of you and your young ones will be out and about tonight,taking in the festivities, racing from home to home, trick or treating.  But despite the fun, it is important to remember to take care of your teeth.  After all, we don’t [...]

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