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  • Do You Brush Your Teeth Well Enough?

    Many Yarmouth dental patients don’t realize they are not taking care of their teeth well enough until it causes a dental issue. Your oral hygiene depends on your frequent and correct brushing and flossing. There are a few common mistakes that can be fixed easily. Here are the most vital [...]

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    Why Does my Child Have Cavities?

    Often, adults experience anxiety when visiting the dentist.  As dental professionals, we reason that the anxiousness is a result of the fear of the unknown.  Patients fear that they will receive bad news; like the need for a crown, hear news that they have a cavity, or learn they don’t have[...]

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    Oral Cancer Awareness Month

    With April coming to an end, our Yarmouth dentist wants to take an opportunity to share some thoughts about oral cancer and why oral cancer screenings are important to your health.  This month has been marked as Oral Cancer Awareness Month, a time where dental professionals take a little [...]

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    Spring Sports and Mouthguards for Youth

    Youth sports boast a whopping 25 million participants each year.  Every year, boys and girls of all ages take to the fields or courts to gain lifelong skills such as teamwork, dedication, and health and wellness.  One skill that often gets overlooked, however, is protecting their smile.  [...]

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    Celebrate Smiles and Children’s Dental Health

    February has been deemed National Children’s Dental Month by the American Dental Association.  It is a time to celebrate smiles and to promote good oral hygiene habits with our families.  As the dentist Yarmouth families trust with their oral health, family dentistry needs, and smiles, we [...]

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