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  • Upgrade Your Toothbrush

    Your Cumberland dentist hopes you’ve already had a wonderful start to your 2020! By choosing better options now that increase your efficiency or your experience and decrease your stress, you can improve your potential for the entire year. Let go of your old ways and products that don’t [...]

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    These Thanksgiving Leftovers Are Great For Your Smile

    Happy Thanksgiving from your Cumberland dentist team! Whether you have a family brunch or a Friendsgiving party, there are likely to be leftovers for days. We’re excited for you, not just to eat to your heart’s desire, but to benefit from the nutrients in these Thanksgiving dishes provide. [...]

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    Pumpkins and Your Oral Health

    Your Cumberland dentist team would like to welcome you into the new autumn season! Prepare for pumpkins to be everywhere now that fall equinox is behind us. This is great news since these superfoods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and water. Even their seeds have a ton of great health [...]

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    Do You Brush Your Teeth Well Enough?

    Many Cumberland dentist patients don’t realize they are not taking care of their teeth well enough until it causes a dental issue. Your oral hygiene depends on your frequent and correct brushing and flossing. There are a few common mistakes that can be fixed easily. Here are the most vital [...]

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    Why Does my Child Have Cavities?

    Often, adults experience anxiety when visiting the dentist.  As dental professionals, we reason that the anxiousness is a result of the fear of the unknown.  Patients fear that they will receive bad news; like the need for a crown, hear news that they have a cavity, or learn they don’t have[...]

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