• Bridges

  • A dental bridge is a great option when you would like to replace one or more teeth.  The absence of a tooth is more than an alteration in your smile. Missing teeth affect the structure and mechanics of your bite, allowing teeth to shift from their normal location.  This, in turn, creates excessive wear on your remaining teeth and premature damage to the enamel. Over time, these once healthy teeth are at greater risk for tooth decay.

    Luckily bridge work can fix your smile and keep your existing teeth in great shape.  Our Yarmouth dentist has a variety of ways to incorporate a bridge into your smile. To determine what is best for you, we’ll examine your mouth, bite, and teeth then work with you to develop a treatment plan that will give you back your smile.

    Our bridge procedures help us create a healthy and structurally sound space for your replacement teeth and bridgework which will hold the teeth in place.  In some cases, we may use a crown or two to anchor the bridge in place. Crowns provide added support for both the bridgework and supporting teeth.

    Our Yarmouth dentist has decades of experience preparing smiles for bridges and building new smiles.  Talk with our team if you feel a bridge is right for you or give us a call to learn more about how a dental bridge can rebuild your smile.