• Complete And Partial Dentures

  • When you are missing one tooth or many from your smile, the result can affect your moods, self-confidence, and even your health.  To protect these adverse effects, talk with our Yarmouth dentist about our denture solutions. At Cumberland Dental Arts we have the ability to craft complete dentures and partial dentures.  Every style of dentures we make is made to return your smile back to the way it once was and to eliminate the complications that will arise from missing teeth.

    Partial dentures are used for instances when only one or more teeth are absent, while complete dentures replace all of the teeth in the oral cavity.  Dentures are created to look as natural as possible and can help you regain your smile. If you are ready to learn more about the ways in which we can help you get back your smile, simply give our Yarmouth dentist office a call to schedule a consultation.