• Crowns

  • In the dental profession, the crown of the tooth is the part of the tooth situated above the gum line that you can see.  When we at Cumberland Dental Arts refer to the need for a crown, we are discussing ways in which we can restore a tooth to looking like your original tooth.  A dental crown is a porcelain or composite cover, so to speak, which is placed over a tooth or implant. It is designed and shaped to look exactly like the original tooth.

    When a tooth is compromised for any reason, a crown is a great solution.  It gives the structure of the tooth necessary strength and support while helping your smile look natural.  Crowns are used with dental implants, occasionally with bridgework, and with root canal therapy. Talk with us if you would like to learn more about crowns.   Our Yarmouth dentist will happily walk you through the procedure as well as the advantages of our crown services.