• Digital X-Rays

  • Digital X-Rays aren’t new to the dental industry, but their ease of use and exactingness of details is unsurpassed.  The images produced with our state-of-the-art digital X-Ray machine are high-quality photos that help us treat our patients’ oral health needs.

    Our staff at Cumberland Dental Arts has undergone extensive training in order to offer the safest and most reliable images to our patients.  The advantages of using digital X-Rays means our patients can expect a significantly lower level of radiation exposure in a much shorter period of time when compared to older, less advanced X-Ray machines.  At the same time, the images produced by our machine offer us a detailed view of the bones, tissues, nerves, and oral cavity.

    Our Yarmouth dentist relies on our digital X-Ray technology to best determine a course of action for any dental problem you experience.  It is also one of the greatest tools for detecting potential problems before they even reach the surface.

    Panoramic Images

    Digital X-rays offer panoramic views of the jaw lines and oral cavity.  At Cumberland Dental Arts we utilize the capabilities of this unit to get a clear picture of your situation.  The panoramic digital images improve the patient experience by offering accurate, precise visuals. The result is an efficient solution for diagnosing potential problems.

    3D Rendering

    Often used with our cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, 3D rendering allows our team to manipulate X-Ray images to create a visual of what the completed procedure will look like for our patients.  Imaging the joy of seeing your new smile before our Yarmouth dentist implements your treatment plan. Knowing what the end result will be offers our patients motivation and confidence, and prepares them for the thrill of seeing their new, improved smile.

    The images that this advanced technology has graced our profession with continues to act as important tools for diagnosing problems not easily seen during a visual examination.  We value the reliability and clarity of X-Rays as they are important in helping us prevent unforeseen issues such as:

    • Bone Loss
    • Cancerous and non-cancerous tumors
    • Cysts
    • Abscesses
    • Tooth decay

    By utilizing X-Rays as part of our preventive dentistry service, you can be sure your oral health is receiving the best care in the Cumberland area.  Call us if you have questions about our technology or if you’d like to learn more.