• Family Dentist

  • Our professional staff and Cumberland family dentist are dedicated to providing our patients with only the highest quality of dental care. Our team is extremely enthusiastic about oral hygiene. At Cumberland Dental Arts, we believe a strong oral health foundation sets our patients up for lifelong success and good health.

    Dental Examinations

    The American Dental Association recommends that everyone receives a professional dental exam every six months. A cleaning and complete dental examination ensures your oral health is in good order and prevents minor existing oral issues from further developing. Your initial visit to Cumberland Dental Arts includes oral X-Rays, a professional cleaning, and an oral cancer screening. Our goal is to establish a baseline of your oral health so that, moving forward, we can provide you with the best possible care for your smile.

    At every check-up, our Cumberland dentist patients can expect a thorough oral examination and cleaning. We examine your teeth, jaw, neck, gums, and tongue looking for any potential cavities or abnormalities in your oral cavity. We’ll remove plaque and tartar buildup and evaluate your gums and soft tissues for signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease. We also look for TMJ issues and other threats that might affect your oral health. This whole-encompassing exam is part of our preventive dentistry care; ensuring that your mouth and smile are as healthy as they can be.

  • Dental Cleanings Family Dentistry in Cumberland, ME

    Dental Cleaning

    Once our professionally trained team has performed the dental exam, one of our hygienists will expertly clean your teeth. Our dental cleanings utilize the best tools in the industry in order to give our Cumberland family dentist patients the greatest service in oral health care. As with our dental examinations, a professional cleaning is just one more way our team can help you in preventing health problems. Dental cleanings, along with your regular home health regimen, prevent gum disease and tooth decay and leave your smile looking great year after year.

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    If you are in the market for an amazing dentist in the Cumberland, give us a call at (207) 829-5937. See for yourself how we are improving smiles and instilling the benefits of good oral hygiene. We are committed to your comfort and oral health and look forward to having you become a member of our dental community family. We welcome you to Cumberland Dental Arts!

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