• IntraOral Cameras

  • Technology advancements in the dental industry provide our staff with exceptional tools in treating your oral health.  At Cumberland Dental Arts, we proudly utilize the latest instruments in the profession to make each procedure more comfortable and efficient for our patients.  Intraoral cameras are one way we’ve embraced technology.

    What is an intraoral camera?

    An Intraoral camera is a small pen-sized digital camera that allows our Yarmouth dentist to view the smallest details on a large scale.  The camera produces clear, precise images viewable on a screen where images can be instantly saved for future or immediate reference. Intraoral cameras give our team the capability to show our patients what we see in real time; acting as an education and preventive dentistry tool at the same time.  Attached to our cameras are LED lights which aid us in seeing a clear, enhanced picture.

    What are the advantages of the intraoral camera?

    Here at Cumberland Dental Arts, we didn’t hesitate to introduce intraoral cameras into our practice the moment they became available.  The outstanding benefits of these superb instrument let us detect things in the oral cavity that we hadn’t been able to before this technology existed.  Here are just some of the reasons how intraoral cameras give the patient a better experience and our Yarmouth dentist a greater tool to fight against oral problems:

    • Fast results: intraoral cameras produce immediate images.  The dentist and patient can simultaneously view the same image which provides an educational setting for the patient as well as create a foundation for understanding the oral treatment plan aimed at correcting any issue that is found.
    • Precision and clarity: The camera produces high-quality photos in great detail.  These clear and precise view means our Yarmouth dentist can more easily detect minute problems before they get worse.
    • Ease of referrals:  Should a problem with your teeth or mouth require a dental specialist, the intraoral camera’s digital capabilities allows us to easily share images with your doctors electronically.


    Intraoral cameras give us detailed, professional results every day.  The result of this technology allows us to identify, with accuracy, dental issues and help us create a specific, effective treatment plan especially for you.