• Oral Surgery

  • At Cumberland Dental Arts, there are a variety of oral surgery procedures that we can do on-site.  Some of the common oral surgery procedures include tooth extractions, implants, and oral lesion removals.  Our Yarmouth dentist and team are highly skilled in this area and work to create a comfortable environment for your procedure.  We provide the best standard of care and make sure you feel at ease throughout your procedure.

    Anesthesia and Sedation

    Our Yarmouth dentist utilizes sedation techniques and anesthesia based on your procedure, level of anxiety, and health needs.  Your options will be discussed with you before the procedure begins so that you’ll feel at ease with the process. Your comfort is our highest priority and we’ll do everything we can to deliver a pain-free experience.

    Tooth Extractions

    Our goal at Cumberland Dental Arts is to save every tooth we can.  However, at times, a tooth extraction may be necessary. Teeth that have been injured due to an accident or because of extensive tooth decay may be hard to restore.  If restorative procedures are deemed unproductive for your oral health, we’ll look at extracting the tooth. Extractions are often necessary so that the decay doesn’t spread to other teeth and into your gums.  This also eliminates the chances of infection.

    Wisdom teeth are often extracted so that they don’t compromise your smile or become infected.  If wisdom teeth or a problem with another tooth is causing you problems, call our Yarmouth dentist office to set up a consultation.  We work with a number of specialists in the Cumberland area and can refer you to one of our colleagues if necessary.

    Dental Implants

    Implants are surgically placed by our Yarmouth dentist as a cosmetic or restorative dental procedure.  Dental implants are one of the best options for restoring your smile when one or more teeth are absent.  The procedure consists of our team placing a post in your bone which will act as the root of your new synthetic tooth.  

    A dental implant procedure is a perfect solution for replacing teeth and offers the most natural look to your smile when compared to bridgework and dentures.  

    Oral Lesion Removal

    With the use of our laser technology, we have the capabilities to remove oral lesions.  When found in its early stages, oral cancer is easily treated. This is one of the main reasons our Yarmouth dentist performs an oral cancer screening at every dental exam.  Should we find an abnormality, we can remove a section for testing.

    Correct Jaw Surgery

    Our Yarmouth dentist is highly skilled in all fields of dentistry and has exceptional relationships with dental professionals in the area.  We work closely with your orthodontist when jaw pain is present and corrective jaw surgery is needed. This procedure will repair the structure of the jaw and bite alignment.  

    Reconstructive Surgery

    Bone and tissue grafts are helpful in restoring the functionality of your mouth when there is not enough bone or tissue to place a dental implant or when dentures are needed.  Reconstructive surgery can rebuild the facial structure of your oral cavity so that restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures will be successful.

    Call our Yarmouth dentist at Cumberland Dental Arts if you would like to schedule a reconstructive oral surgery consultation.