• Pediatric Dentistry

  • When considering pediatric dentistry Yarmouth, Cumberland and neighboring cities continue to search for advice regarding dental treatment of children. At Cumberland Dental Arts we take pride in providing the best oral care to families and children of any age.  Oral health begins at birth and the condition of your mouth and smile will follow you throughout your entire life.  Teaching the importance of an oral health regimen early on, establishes great life skills that will benefit you the rest of your life.  Talk with our Yarmouth dentist and staff about how you can give your child the best care so that their smile will last a lifetime.

    What oral health problems could my child have?

    Difficulties in the oral cavity begin extremely early in life.  Though it may seem hard to believe, tooth decay and complications with the gums can start before even your child’s first tooth has come in.  Nearly 40 percent of young children have experienced minor inflammation of the gums. This is a result of the parent not cleaning the gums after a bottle or food, or a sign of infection.  Likewise, the lack of brushing and flossing can cause tooth decay in even the newest tooth and will require a visit to a pediatric dentistry Yarmouth.

    Early childhood visits to the dentist and proper home oral health routines will keep your child’s smile in good order.  Strong teeth help your children develop motor skills, allow them to learn how to chew and speak, and also give them a smile to be proud of.

    Should I treat my children’s teeth like I treat adult teeth?

    Baby teeth, or primary teeth, help children develop skills like eating and talking.   When young teeth are cared for, they will pave the way for healthy adult teeth to form down the road.  Teeth that have decay from improper use of the bottle or a lack of brushing and flossing can affect the growth of adult teeth and thus your growing child’s smile.

    The type of care will differ a bit for a while, but everything you can do now to set their smile up for success in the future will pay in dividends.  Wipe your baby’s gums down at least two times each day with a damp, soft washcloth. As teeth emerge, you can graduate to a soft-bristled toothbrush. Around the time they become toddlers, their teeth will begin to fill in their smile, thus a great time to introduce flossing.  

    Taking my child to their first dental visit

    It is common to overly protect your child from any new event in their life.  However, a visit to our pediatric Dentistry Yarmouth should be treated no differently than a trip to the store.  Refrain from sharing too much information; letting your children make their own observations about the dentist.  At Cumberland Dental Arts, we’ve gone to great lengths to provide a fun, enjoyable environment. On your child’s first visit our goal is to introduce them to our office and then to count their teeth and do a little, gentle cleaning.  This quick exam will set the stage for your next appointment and keep kids from feeling anxious about the dentist.

    What preventive care does my child need?

    Preventive dentistry encompasses regular dental exams, brushing and flossing, and a nutritious diet.  Help protect your children’s smiles from tooth decay and gum disease by practicing a great oral hygiene regimen.  Sealants and fluoride treatments will also pave the way for a great smile. At Cumberland Dental Arts, we’ll do all we can to keep your children’s smile looking great.