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  • When we talk about restorative dentistry in Yarmouth at Cumberland Dental Arts, we are referring to the services that restore the functions of your mouth.  Restorative dental solutions exist because we understand that sometimes preventive dental measures can’t always fix everything. Unplanned accidents, unavoidable illnesses, or medication can cause problems with the oral cavity and require you to look at our restorative procedures.

    Our Yarmouth dentist has an extensive background in restorative dentistry and approaches these procedures with care. We love providing information regarding overall health tips to patients with questions as well. We take a look at the whole picture, looking to the cause of the matter before working with you to determine what oral treatment plan you need in order to restore your smile.  

    Once we’ve considered all of our options and discussed each option with you, then we’ll let you decide how you would like to proceed.  We love hearing our patients’ goals regarding their smile and want you to have a say in the matter. By working as a team, our patients have a greater understanding of the work they need done to repair and treat the problem, and they can visualize what the end result will be.

    If you are in need of our restorative dentistry services, please give us a call.  We have a convenient location for all Cumberland residents and are happy to discuss with you how our procedures can give you back your smile.