• White Composite Fillings

  • White composite fillings are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to amalgam, or silver, fillings.  The health advantages as well as the visual advantages that white composite fillings offer our patients are highly valued by our Yarmouth dentist and staff.  Composite fillings are designed to blend in with the color of your enamel so that they don’t show. If you have silver fillings and would rather your colleagues and peers see your smile, rather than your fillings, talk with our team about replacing your fillings with white composite ones.  

    White composite fillings are long-lasting and take only one visit to receive.  They are a great option for small smile restoration needs and will keep your smile looking great.  Call Cumberland Dental Arts today if you’d like to learn more. Our white composite fillings are a perfect alternative to filling a cavity when you don’t want others to be distracted by your dental work.